As Italy is a living history museum in itself, the shops are full of antiques from all periods of the last centuries.There are so many relics from beautiful palaces and churches that it is an antique lovers paradise.If you wish to buy antiques in Italy, come to us and we will point you in the right direction.

Arezzo in Tuscany is famous for its antique furniture markets and people come from all over the world to buy here. Stay at  our Beautiful Villa near Arezzo or our Hotel in Arezzo and go shopping to your hearts content. The dealers also arrange overseas shipping for you. 

asti_il castello

There are also big antique fairs for the serious searchers. CONTACT US and we will tell you the dates so you can plan your trip around it.

Every major city also has their particular zones for antique shops. In Roma there is a whole street devoted to antique shops.

Every town and village also has its market day  where often there is a second hand goods stall where some bargains can be found. The big markets in the capital cities can take all day to wander around.

Italy is also the place for antique musical instruments, particularly the violin and Naples is the place to go for musical instuments.

We will tell you the name of the street. Cremona is home to the famous Stradivari violins.

If you are after beautiful handmade old violins this is the place to go. It is knowing where to go. Passion for Italy has all the answers.