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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 11:31
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Whilst I love the summer energy and beach-life of Positano by day, I have a particularly soft spot for this beautiful town at night.

Positano, like many of the small towns on the Amalfi Coast, changes as the sun sets. The beach is no longer the main focus of the town (unless there's a festival being held on the sands), and the lights in the homes and restaurants twinkle from the cliff-side.

People change from their beach clothes to bar clothes, and enjoy an apperitivo before dinner. Dinner could be at one of the beachfront restaurants (I'm yet to have a bad meal at any of these) or further up the hill away from the crowds.

Even further above Positano the mountain village of Montepertuso has some renowned dining venues - these restaurants have their own cars/mini-vans and can pick you up from your hotel or apartment in town and return you after your meal - you or your hotel will need to call to arrange this. Otherwise you could consider catching the local bus, however you will need to ensure you know the return schedule and time your meal accordingly. Taxis are also an option.

Back in Positano after dinner, you can enjoy a walk (passegiata) along the beachfront area. You'll be sharing the promenade with families, couples, tourists, Italians, locals alike. There's a summer-vibe which is hard to describe - it's energetic but not frenetic.

And then there's the view back up into the cliffs - unforgettable.

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