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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:32

Ravello is one of the most magical towns in Italy. It had been four years since my last visit, so returning in September this year was a delight - and it reminded me just what I love about Ravello... its quaint piazza, pedestrian-only streets, the quiet and calm found nowhere else on the Amalfi Coast, beautiful villas and gardens, breathtaking views.

Unfortunately the Ravello Festival had finished a week before my visit, so I wasn't able to enjoy the incredible music this town is famous for. For anyone visiting in July and August attending an open-air performance during the festival is an absolute must-do, contact us for accommodation and festival ticket bookings. The festival is also known as the Wagner Festival, as his music is at the core of each year's programme (Wagner found inspiration in Ravello for his opera Parsifal).

Another Ravello highlight is Villa Cimbrone. For me, nothing can compete with the views from its Terrace of Infinity. Simply stunning. It is very easy to lose track of time here as you wander through the gardens - often you will see weddings in the cloisters and gardens. Ravello is a very romantic place.

Whether you choose to spend a number of relaxing days in Ravello, or just visit for the day, Ravello is a Passion For Italy highly recommended destination.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 15:55

During my visit to Italy last month I spent 4 days in beautiful Taormina. From the terrace in the main square there is a fabulous view of the ever-present and, for this year at least, the ever-active Mt Etna… 18 eruptions in 2011 and counting!

On the afternoon of October 8th, Etna had a brief but violent eruption. The next morning my travelling companion and I decided to “play tourist” and drive out to Etna to take the cable-car to the top.


Thursday, 06 October 2011 09:55

Do you have a whale of a problem organising your trip to Italy?

Researching a trip to a foreign country is very time consuming. If you are time poor and your time would be better off making money in your work then that is why Passion for Italy Travel is here to do this for you.


Thursday, 29 September 2011 20:51

On January 5th, the Piazza Navona opens up to a fair of toys, sweets, and other presents among the beautiful Bernini fountains.  Nearly two weeks after Christmas, celebrations are still in full swing as the Piazza becomes a huge open air market for stocking fillers for La Befana (the Italian equivalent of 'Santa Claus') when she visits on the night of the 5th January.


Thursday, 22 September 2011 10:23

After working with Italians for many years, I cannot help but be jealous of their lifestyle. Every time I return from Italy I am determined to try to adapt the same routine that I practiced in Italy. The first week I am motivated and keep it up, only to go into slow decline and by the end of week two, I am back to my old Western habits of a sandwich at the computer and working 12 hour days....


Saturday, 10 September 2011 08:46

The culture of Food in Italy is different to other countries I have visited.  Bebe Severgnini the famous Italian journalist  writes more humourly  and succinctly about Italians than I do because he is one. He takes you inside the Italian mind and I find myself constantly chuckling while reading them because they are so true. Here are some of his direct quotes from his book “An Italian in Italy” about Italians and their food:- 

“Italians are the consummate professionals of culinary consumption. No one in Europe eats the way we do.”..For centuries, Italians have sought and usually found, consolation at the table. We don’t think that a sauce is tasty or that an olive oil is good. We know it is. We may lie, of course, out of politeness or calculation. But that too is a touch of artistry; if you think about it. Note that I’m talking about all Italians, not just a hard core of gastronomes...Read More....