Palermo the capital of Sicily is full of extravagant baroque palazzo and gothic churches, grand hotels and the opera house Teatro Massimo is the second largest in Europe. The dozens of street markets and architectural influences from Morrocco bustle gives the city an almost oriental atmosphere.

Palermo is an exiting, puzzling, fascinating unconventional city and is once again like many of the large cities in Italy, unique. There are also many trendy bars and restaurant to visit. Food here is amazing as the sicilians are expert chefs.

There is so much to discover driving out of Palermo in North Western Sicily. Drive down to the beachside suburb of Mondello which has lovely 18th century villas and head out to the beautiful cathedral at Monreale. Stay at our lovely relais near Trapani and see Erice and the greek ruins on your way to Agrigento. Alternatively head towards Cefalu and the lovely waters along the northern coast of Italy. The whole island of Sicily is incredible but a few days in Palermo are bound to be an exciting time.


The old city centre is like a living museum. An ideal way to see Palermo is on the back of a scooter winding around the intricate streets and markets. Stay in our 13th Century Palace Apartment to feel the old style of Palermo or if your preference is modern see our Stylish Bed & Breakfast above.  Opera and culture is big here with a beautiful opera house in the heart of the city.

We can tell where to go to see the interesting architecture and the fabulous mosaics that show the eastern Moroccan influence in Sicily....Find out which Caravaggio was stolen...Where to see the Marionettes and what is la Vucciria? All these interesting facts about this exciting city are supplied by Passion for Italy.


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Palermo is the capital of Sicily, the island at the toe of the boot of Italy.
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