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No word can do more to excite the interests of Italian epicures than the name Bologna, a city rich in its association with all that is great in Italian cooking. No wonder it has earned the nickname, ‘La Grassa ‘ or the “The fat one”.

Incredible Tortellini, fragrant cheeses and prosciutto, amazing food shops, restaurants and markets all conspire against a trim waistline. Bologna is also a city rich in art and amazing architecture with its superb columns and archways gracing the pavements so it is a great city to explore in bad weather.

There are numerous porticos crammed full of fine restaurants, pizzerias and Bars. Shopkeepers take great pride in how they display their food and the quality of the produce is wonderful to see.

It is also a university city which attracts students from all over the country so it is full of young people which give the city a vibrant yet sophisticated energy.





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Explore the amazing collection of shops and stalls just a stone’s throw from the main piazza. Visit Bologna's most famous food shop, where the family has been selling the finest past, hams and cheeses since 1932 in a shop that has been there for centuries. Wander past old-fashioned hat shops, haberdashers, tailors - have a shirt made from the beautiful fabrics on display.

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