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The Vatican is where the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope lives and is a separate state of its own. St. Peter’ s Basilica is a wonder in itself and a must see on a visit to Rome but especially important for Catholics all over the world.

It is where St. Peter himself, the first pope and disciple of Jesus is buried and is also full of the tombs of countless popes over the ages.

The Vatican Museum is filled with the history of the church, culminating in the amazing work of art done by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, where all the popes convene to choose the new pope.

Italy has been home to many saints. Many of the saints of Roman Catholic history were born here. There are many sacred sites to visit and the places where they lived, let alone all their tombs in the many, many churches throughout Italy.



St. Francis is one of the most loved saints and his church and tomb in Assisi is visited by millions every year. St. Anthony of Padua has always been prayed to help people find things.

Padre Pio in the south of Italy was responsible for saving his village during World War II and he has become a much loved saint of the Italian people.

Passion for Italy knows all the secret places of the saints. Let us help you to pay a pilgrimage to the tomb of your favourite saint.

There are many organised tours that you can join or we can help you design your own itinerary or perhaps you would like us to organised your church group to go.

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