Situated between the cities of Verona and Padova in Italy, the city of Vicenza is universally known as the city of Palladio, so named in reference to the famous Italian architect of the 15th century. One of his most famous buildings is the Olympic Theatre, (the last theatre of the 15th century entirely constructed of timber still in existence) as well as the Palladian Basilica, the Loggia of Capitaniato and the Palaces Thiene, Chiericati and the most famous Villa Capra called “La Rotonda”, (The Round One).

Due to the ingenuity of Andrea Palladio, the city of Vicenza has been enriched by notable and prestigious works, so much so that in 1994, UNESCO inserted Vicenza and the 16 Palladian villas on the World Heritage List to ensure its protection.

Palladio’s design of the Venetian villa has, for centuries been a source of inspiration to architects around the world.  This recognition alone is enough to make Vicenza one of the most important cities of the Veneto. In fact, according to W. J. Goethe, famous writer and traveller par excellence, who visited in 1786, wrote that Vicenza with its Palladian villas was a obligatory stop on his Grand Tour between Germany and Italy.  These 18th C intellectuals were indeed the original "tourists”.

Vicenza also hosts the most important exhibition of gold and jewellery of the goldsmith industry in Italy. Between the many typical foods there is fresh salami, the white asparagus of Bassano and one of the most famous regional dishes is Baccala`alla Vicentina which is a dried, salted cod. There are wonderful DOC Italian Wines from the verdant Berici hills.


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Stay in town at our beautiful Apartment in a magnificent Palladian Villa with frescos on the ceiling or hire a car and stay just 10 minutes from the centre of the city, immersed in the green environs of the Berici hills in an Ancient Villa.

From here, one can visit the marvelous surroundings and Palladian villas nearby, completing the tour with a wonderful lunch in the countryside of Costozza and Lumignano.

In the evening, dine nearby in one of the oldest locations of Vicenza at the fantastic trattoria we will recommend when you sign up as a client. The chef serves traditional dishes of the region with careful attention to the produce available in the territory such as the black truffles of the Berici hills and fresh mushrooms in season.

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