Monday, 25 April 2011 20:35
Written by Gemma

Easter here is only a one day holiday on Easter Monday, which is unusual really being such a big Catholic country. However they make the most of the ceremonies playing the masses and processions over the loud speakers. Holy Thursday (Giovedi Santo) there was a mass where everyone donated a pot of wheat to fill the church to ensure a good harvest for the following year.

Good Friday “Venedi Santo” here is a working day not a holiday but at the end of the day they carried a statue of Our Lady around the streets just as everyone was coming home from work.  Is it not supposed to be the Passion of Jesus and the way of the cross? I was a bit confused about that?  I joined in as one could not help but hear it inside the apartment so I rushed out and joined the procession which blocks all the street and the traffic for hours.  I normally love the Good Friday ceremony back home the best out of all the Easter masses.  However this procession was the same as the Palm Sunday one. Which kept me thinking “What about Jesu?”......

Easter Saturday – 'Sabato Santo' there was a mass at ten o’clock at night until midnight upon which there was much celebration and fireworks to celebrate the risen Christ and the end of lent. Let the eating begin!!
Easter Sunday is a big day where all the families get together a bit like Christmas and certain foods are only eaten at easter.  No meat is eaten on Good Friday so the fish sellers do a roaring trade. Then Easter Monday is a picnic day where everyone heads outdoors. I wished I could have all of my large extended family here to celebrate all these traditions together. It would be indeed wonderful.

I ate squid with pasta and Cozze (black shellfish) which are a cross between oysters and mussels on Easter Sunday.  The shellfish here are to die for. I think it is one of my top ten favourite dishes in the world and maybe number one. So easy and quick to cook (maybe that is why I like it so much.

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