Saturday, 29 October 2011 20:57
Written by Gemma

I just have to show you these three videos of my favourite Italian comedian, actor and performer - Gigi Proietti! He is very very talented in all areas and very popular in Italy and has been for 30 years. Un grand Uomo!

Click on the links below: this first one they are asking as you can see 'What is the time?" then "How can you tell the time by lifting the cow's udder?"

It says it all about Italian humour - I think it is hilarious and it is this humour that I love about the Italian people. They always make me laugh. I think I laugh more in Italy than any place in the world.

Gigi Proietti - Le Barzellete Proietti

Gigi Proietti singing Nun me Rompe Ca'

Speaking Napoletano