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Thursday, 27 October 2011 09:24
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Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall) or Winter?

Each season in Italy has its benefits and drawbacks – our 4-part blog will give you ideas and information on how best to enjoy Italy, no matter the season.


December, January, February

My first visit to Italy was in January 1995. I came in to the country by car from Austria and within minutes I was being overtaken by a speeding Italian driver on a blind alpine bend! Benvenuti in Italia! I eventually made my way to Rome – isn’t that where all the roads lead? – and even in wet, cold mid-January, the eternal city won me over.

Winter in Italy is captivating in its own way. There are very few tourists (except those who have come for the skiing), and with the Christmas lights, festivities and traditions December can be a lovely time to visit. January is normally the coldest month in Italy, and it can be a quiet month as the festivities of Christmas, New Year and the Feast of the Epiphany (see our Festivals In Italy - January) are over and life goes back to normal – unless you like winter sports and it’s all systems go!

There are many skiing regions in Italy, from central Italy through to the Northern Alps. Mt Etna in Sicily is also a skiing destination however we encourage you to be aware of any current volcanic activity when making your travel and holiday arrangements. You can see video of one of Etna’s eruptions in 2011 on our blog here.

February offers one of Italy’s winter cultural highlights - Carnevale in Venice. Book early and experience all that Carnevale has to offer. See our range of accommodation in Venice.

Our tips for how to get the most out of your winter holiday in Italy:

*Embrace not only the obvious winter sports activities but also the cultural activities – theatre, opera, music

*Learn all you can about Christmas traditions if planning to visit during the holiday season

*Take appropriate clothing for the conditions you’ll be in

*Research your destinations and be aware of the seasonal opening hours of the museums, monuments and other attractions you wish to experience

*Know how to check road and travel conditions whilst in Italy

           - check autostrada conditions here:

         - check trains here: (select English language)

*Know the winter trading hours of shops and supermarkets, as well as the Christmas and New Years trading hours and public holidays

*If travelling with children, be realistic about the possibilities of spending larger amounts of time indoors - perhaps you need to bring along some digital entertainment equipment (ipad, portable dvd player, e-readers, etc) or have some more traditional games up your sleeve – but always be aware of any costs you will incur for internet connections

*Book train and air travel well in advance if you are visiting during the holiday season

Winter in Italy is not for the faint-hearted but it can be so rewarding in many other ways.

Let Passion For Italy help you plan your Winter 2011 or 2012 holiday in Italy. Contact us with your requirements and we will ensure your trip is a success.

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